Skill Development

Skills Development with an eye on employment is the need of the hour. There is a growing realization that having an educational degree does not always help in getting a job commensurate with one’s qualification. However, a minimum qualification of Class X combined with some vocational skill leads to employment opportunities. To empower women and by providing them sustainable livelihood leading to economic development. Activities such as tailoring, painting, knitting, farming, beauty program, etc are encouraged for women and girls who are school dropouts.

Knowledge Based Training

Knowledge-based training is a method of learning where one aims to build upon it. Acquiring, developing, and retaining the right talent is a critical element in today’s world for underprivileged people in remote locations. It’s a platform for the people who are in need of it. We provide different pieces of training such as photography, different language learning, computer designing, art & crafts, teacher training, marketing skill, etc. we provide training and give them a platform to prove themselves and live equally with the society.