Corporate Partnerships

We work closely with many companies to develop effective relationships which helps us prevent avoidable blindness and rehabilitate people who are blind, but also give something back to your organization. Together we can develop major partnerships, inspiring staff fundraising campaigns, powerful marketing promotions, payroll giving or fundraising events.

Different ways of how you can support us:

Project support
Support an entire project and track the progress your donation makes over a period of time. You will receive case studies, photos, and reports detailing the human impact of your support. Projects range from supporting basic eye health services & supporting persons with disability in entire communities to sending visually impaired children to school.

Payroll giving
Employees in your company can easily contribute a small part of their salary to Retain Smilez. It is an automatic deduction eliminating the need for reminders or any paperwork. To implement this option, we will need the consent and participation of not just the employees but the management too. As an employer, you could match the donation made by your employees thereby helping increase your goodwill and our reach.

Cause-related marking
Each time you sell a product or service, you could consider donating a part of the sale proceeds to Retain Smilez. You could also offer Retain Smilez a platform where you allow your customer to make a donation to us. Groupon is helping Retain Smilez to eliminate avoidable blindness in India by connecting us to their customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Under the Companies Act, 2013, it is now a mandate for those companies whose net worth is of at least Rs 500 crore, or a minimum turnover of Rs 1,000 crore, or a minimum net profit of Rs 5 crore to be socially responsible. Since eye health and disability is an integral part of the comprehensive health care and rehabilitation system in India hence our work and our activities form an important part of the overall social development scenario of India, which is also reiterated by the new CSR law.

Event sponsorship and participation
Sponsor and participate in Retain Smilez’ events where your support helps us cover the organizing costs. This in turn, gives you opportunities for branding through the event.

Could you add your voice to our cause?
Retain Smilez works to create awareness; influence policy-making and engage government and public bodies to bring about a positive change. Your company could help.

Volunteering opportunities are not only motivating but can give your employees a sense of connection to the people they are supporting. These could include utilizing your employees’ particular skill set to assist our work or volunteering at eye screening camps.

Support Retain Smilez’ costs
Retain Smilez can benefit from donations of products or services that directly contribute to our work, such as medical equipment, logistical support, media space or financial services. Emirates Airlines, saving enormous cost on essential travel.

Our Partners: See the company we keep

For more information download a copy of our media kit

Our Partners: See the company we keep [email protected]

Your online donation helps us to provide sustained efforts in our various initiatives and reduces administrative costs.
Retain Smilez is a global development organization to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities. In India since 1966, Retain Smilez works towards sustainable eye healthcare and educational and socio-economic rehabilitation for people with visual impairments. Help us by donating online.

Partnerships, the way we work

Working in partnership is central to our vision
We work globally through alliances and partnerships with local partners – non-government organizations (NGOs), governments,donors and businesses – to prevent avoidable blindness and rehabilitate people who are blind.

Since setting up operations in India in 1997, we have been delivering services around eye health. The strength of our partners’ expertise and local presence coupled with our experience makes.our partnership model work more effectively for our beneficiaries. At the sametime, it enables our partners to benefit from their alliance with us, whether itbe in their business (through brand image enhancement) or in developing their capacity for sustainable growth so that they can work independentlyof our support later.

Retain Smilez abide by the seven principles that are fundamental to partnership

• Shared goals and compatible values
• Interdependence
• Mutual accountability
• Ownership
• Openness and understanding
• Joint learning and mutual support
• Consistency

If you would like to partner us, please email us on [email protected]