Sports plays a pivotal role in the makeup of a young athlete, especially in the middle years where student-athletes are in a stage of getting demotivated. We want to breakdown doors that block them from these opportunities. It’s time to make our little stars the next superstars in the field of athletics and other sports. Aiming to bridge the gap between talent and sport, we believe that the right talent deserves the right support offered at the right time. A sport is not just a passion but everything to them. We try to make their dream come true in the best possible manner it can. Identifying their skills, and helping them with the help of best physical training instructors who coach the students well.

Summer Camp

Communication and interaction is very important between staff and children. We aim to give the children’s a full day with interesting creative goals as well as the possibility to just sit and have calm reading moments whenever they feel the need. We encourage sharing and helping each other. We listen to the children and try to give them what they need at that time. We support the children in their need to express themselves. We expect good manners and kindness to each other and will help children to achieve this by talking them through it if they are not accustomed to it.

Sports Meets

“A Champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.’’
We at Retain Smilez believe in equality, therefore we conduct sports meet of the purpose of encouraging the students to the next level. It’s a platform for the students to showcase their talents and improve where ever needed. We provide them with food, medals, valuable certificates which will help the students further. The Best Players Will Be Given an Opportunity to Play in State level Meet and Live Their Dream in Reality. They will get An Opportunity to play on the next level.

“Wounded about Living the Life of True Athlete Player and Be Proud for the state”